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The reasons to choose Heat Transfer Vinyl as a personalization technique

Heat Transfer Vinyl is a customization technique widely used to apply designs, writings or graphics on garments through heat. This technique uses a heat-sensitive adhesive film that is activated with the use of a heat press or home iron.

Working with HTV film is simple, fast and cheap. You can cut it with cutting plotters (compatible with Cricut®, Silhouette® and the main plotters available on the market), with the die cutter (e.g. Big Shot) and also with scissors.

You can use Heat Transfer Vinyl to customize and decorate all materials with porous and heat resistant surfaces lsuch as paper, leather, eco-leather, wood and all types of fabric!

b-flex craft

What you can do with Heat Transfer Vinyl and how to use it

Garment personalization:

the type of fabric and specific finishes are what distinguish our series. By choosing the right heat transfer vinyl for your garment, you can customize the cotton t-shirt, shoes, caps, sports bags, jackets, jeans, hoodies and everything you want. Personalize any garment to fit your individual style!

Home Textile Decoration:

add your personal touch to pillows, bedlinens, tablecloths, towels and transform everyday items into unique pieces.

Creative Crafts:

Thermoadhesive is widely used in craft projects, such as making bags, key chains and decorative items. Paper shopping bags, cards, boxes, wedding favor bags, wooden frames. You have the ability to make every creation one-of-a-kind and personalized. Make your creations unique with B-Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl, the home iron and your imagination. Unlock your creativity!

High Quality Products

Why choose B-FLEX

Quality of materials: Italian production with expertly selected and controlled raw materials. Our tHeat Transfer Vinyl are designed to resist frequent washing, fading and wear, ensuring your customizations stay sharp and long-lasting. Cutting and weeding our film will be easier than you expect!

Wide range of products: infinite color shades, special finishes from holographic to the glossy effect through glitter mixed with the features of films designed to perform on specific fabrics such as Nylon and stretch fabrics. You can find many accessories for a perfect application and make your job simpler and faster.

Innovation: our presence in the professional market since 2005 has made us always at the forefront of innovation in the Heat Transfer Vinyl world. We are constantly introducing new materials, colors and special effects that allow you to create even more unique and interesting designs.

Reliability and support: Have you encountered any problems in your application? Don’t give up, contact us! Qualified team guide you in choosing customized solutions and solve your issues with you, step by step.

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